What Is price of organic fruit and vegetables box?

Our weekly box of organic fruit and vegetables are priced at $60

What are delivery charges?

There is no delivery fees for Melbourne suburbs, for any order more than $60.

What’s in a organic fruit and vegetable box ?

We offer a weekly box of Organic fruit and vegetables. This box consists of around 10-12 seasonal fruits and vegetables valued at around $70-75.

When can we get my order?

All deliveries are made on Thursdays every week

When is the cutoff time for orders ?

For every Thursday delivery, please place your order by Monday.

Can I choose items in my standard box?

No. The boxes are designed with 10-12 items of organic fruit and vegetables every week.

We ask for preferences. If you want any items removed, we exchange with other available organic fruit and vegetables.

Do I need to commit for long term for weekly subscription?


You can cancel anytime, or skip any week.

Can I order fortnightly?

Yes. Few of our customers have small families, and find our box sufficient for more than a week. You are welcome to order fortnightly.

Can I pay for multiple weeks?

Sure. You can pay for as many weeks as you like. In case you change you mind, you can request a refund. You can also skip few weeks during the time. Just give us confirmation before Monday for any changes.